Who & what is STATIK SKY:

STATIK SKY is the creation of Stefan Petrie. The music he makes comes forth out of the frustrations from life in general. Using a PC for sequencing, 2 synthesizer for making sounds and 1 bad ass drumsynth combined with a few nice distortions for nice distorted beats. For live performances there is another pc involved. This one sends out images through a videobeamer. Using industrialthemed images and texts from his songs diplaying on the screen simultanious he creates a complete show on stage for all to enjoy.


Equipment used:

1 Walldorf Microwave xt

1 Access Virus

1 Elektron Machinedrum

1 Rat distortion

1 Russian distortion

2 Boss NS-2

1 Soundcraft Spirit M16

1 behringer dsp2024 (for effects in demo recordings)

1 samson compressor

1 P4 3.2mhz 1024mb 120gb

1 SB Audigy (yeah sue me)

A shitload of plugin-effects

And some sequencing programs for playback and recording