6 Months of Pain

1. Nothing (The First Cut)
2. It won't Stop
3. 7 Days
4. Nothing (Getting Cut)
Due to webspace limitations at this time, i was forced to take these 4 songs offline. Watch this space for updates on this.

there were 2 more songs on this demo but they suck so they wont be available for download.



A Human Tapistry of Torture & Sadism

1. A.LL. v2.0
2. I Kinda Liked It
3. Intimacy
4. In Our World (Your World Sux mix)
5. More than You can Ever Imagine
6. Wannabe Friends? ( fanvideo by Maurice Kroes)
7. Torture & Sadism (Original mix)
8. I Kinda Liked It (Statik mix)


On this cd everything came together. The real sound of Statik Sky was born. Torture & Sadism, More than You can Ever Imagine and I Kinda Like It became clubhits througout Holland. This was also the beginning of getting international attention. Statik Sky played in Luxembourg. And there is a small clubhit in the Slimelight in London, UK.


Altered Perceptions of Pain

This one is still being put together. The songs have become more harsh, the beats harder, the samples more sarcastic and most of al the quality is better.

Click below for samples

1. I Came to Bring You Pain (full download)
2. Roses Red
3. Cybersex
4. Become Better
5. Anger/Fear
6. I Came to Bring You Pain (the Altered Perceptions of Pain mix Due to the Use of Drugs and Medication at The Same Time mix)*
7. Make Me Feel Better


I hope to finish this one at the end of februari/beginning of march.

Songs from compilation cd's

1. A Spoon Full of Sugar
2. The Positive Side



*yes i'm serious