2006-07-31 And Another Update!

We've just received word from our Friends of Dominatrix that we will be playing live at the next dominatrix party on the 2nd of December. Dominatrix is one of the leading fetish parties in the fetishscene.



2006-07-30 Long Time No Updates

And just when i put the studio back together one of pc's died. Thank someone that it wasent the sequencing pc. Unfortunately it was the one with internetaccess and my site on it. To make a long story short i'm now (finally)updating it from a different one.

Much has happend since the last update. Extreme sundenfall vol. 4 has been released. Got some new gear. And I'm happy to announce that we will playing at the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht, Holland. It will be a new show (no i'm not saying anything just come and check it out) and i have some new songs ready for it and altered perceptions of pain should be finished by then. It will probably be the first place you can get it.


2006-05-18 Moving the Studio

After a few weeks of painting and stuff that you usualy do when you move into a new house, we've (me and my beautiful girlfriend) have moved into our new house. Tommorow I'll be putting the studio back together and then I'll finish the recordings for the Altered Perceptions of Pain album. When that's finished I'll be getting help from Pieter from the People's Republic of Europe for the final mixing. In a few weeks time it should be finished. I hope to be presenting it somewhere soon, along with new show.

Oh and ofcourse it's worth mentioning that 'I Came to Bring You Pain' will be featured on Extreme Sundenfall vol.4. Thanx alot to Mike from the Matrix in germany :).


2006-02-26 Part 2

Only moments after i changed the link he took his page offline. Guess he couldnt take a joke ;)


2006-02-26 One Really Big Fucking Weekend!


Check this out. It's the VF page of a loyal fan who doesnt understand that people may not like it when they deeplink their music. I almost fell of the couch after this one. Enjoy!


2006-02-21 Even More Downloads!

I've put 2 more songs in the media section for you download pleasure. These songs were released on compilation albums, that were handed out to the first 50 visitors, when we were doing gigs together with Embolus and tPROE.

Further news: I am currently thinking of doing a side-project with more grinding beats, dark kicks and low crunching synthnoises with lots of filter sweeps. The first songs are almost finished and i have ideas for a few more. As soon as the songs are finished i'll put some previews in the media section.


2006-02-15 More Downloads!

Ok I've finally put some samples up from the new songs. They last about 45 secs and give a good idea of what the song sounds like. Once I have this album finished it will be available for orders.

2006-02-07 It's that time again

I'm getting tired of these sleepless nights. But at least i got time to add some galleries. The first performance outside of my hometown is there along with the photo's from sweet vibes, an outdoor festival, and the photo's from the legendary anti-arrogance performance (why legendary? because it was so damn crowded and i later learned that jodi bernal was there).

2006-02-5 Updates

Ok i got tired and didn't do the galleries but today i got round to it so i've added 2 galleries with pics from live performances (look at the cool video images on the sceen behind me;)) and i've put better versions of the 6 Months material. Enjoy! Coming soon... previews of the new songs! And more galleries! And more update news! And probably more!


2006-2-4 Testing the site

As yet another sleepless night shows itself i found the time to finish what i started yesterday. Earlier today i finished a couple of pages and inserted some downloadstuff (check media for this). Maybe later (depending on when i'll get tired) i'll do some work on the galleries.


2006-2-3 Construction of the new site begun!

At this thursdaynight (yeah its thursday untill i sleep the date is already for friday so sue me) i got so bored that i thought i'm gonna look into this dreamweaver shit and try to build a new site. When it is finished it should finally feature some songs, some teasers and a fan-video to download, photo's taken by Jennifer B (www.invisibleimagery.nl) and a list of history and future (live and disco). Oh and 1 more thing: this site will be completely in B&W. I dont care if you dont like it. I like it so deal with it. Well ok the galleries will be in color. But that's as far as i'll go. B&W rules!